what you should know before buying a house

What Should We Know When Buying a House?

Buying a house is no doubt a dream come true for a vast majority of people who are tired of paying rent on a monthly basis. It is quite a milestone which is accompanied by joy and anxiety. You cannot wait to move into your new house and begin a new life. As much as this sounds interesting, most people looking to buy a house are often not well-informed on what factors to look out for. Indeed, it is very common to find people who purchased homes in which they have failed to find the expected comfort. This article is a complete presentation on the different tips which will help pick the best option for a new house; be it a two storey design, flats, bungalows or even a villa and many others.

Find a reliable agency/ company

It is impractical to go looking for a home to buy without involving the services of a housing company or agency. There is absolutely no shortcut about it. The real challenge is however in finding the right agency which will allow you to physically sample out the available houses. We are living in an ultra-modern era where the internet together with computer technology seems to solve every mystery. Most housing companies will offer you an online view of the houses or show you photos at best. You should not fall for this because photographs conceal a lot of useful information which you need to know before committing yourself to making the purchase. Insist on physical views or find a company which offers this option.


Houses are available in all types of locations. Obviously, before buying a home you will always have your most preferred location. Be sure to research on the area’s security level, availability of all social amenities and communication channels besides your personal tastes and preferences. Therefore, if you want to buy a house in a city like Manhattan, you should ensure that the housing agency you are working with will display you homes in Manhattan and not in any other urban location unless you require so.

Find a home valuation agency

Some housing agencies often put their professionalism aside and trick their clients into buying over-valued or damaged houses. By yourself, it might be difficult to spot damages that maybe within the house unless they are very open. This is the sole reason why you should look for a home valuation expert to help you determine whether the chosen house fits its description. A home valuation expert will clearly estimate its value on average, point out any damaged parts which would require repair and give you a general report on the condition of the house. Although this is a service which will come at an extra cost, it is worth it because you will end up with a good house.

Type of house/ House design

As already pointed out at the beginning of this article, there are various designs of houses which come at varying prices and comfort. Ultimately, it all depends on how big or small your budget is. Be sure to choose a home which comfortably suits your family and one that will not create a permanent dent on your bank balance.
Conclusively, there are quite a good number of tips to guide you in buying the perfect house, but the ones outlined above will undoubtedly give you a head-start in finding the right home for you and your family.