The Ultimate Pad for Sophisticated Men3

The Ultimate Pad for Sophisticated Men

When it comes to most bachelor pads, many are unappealing to women’s eyes. In fact, it’s so messy and tacky that some are unliveable. So forget the scattered sports memorabilia or second hand furniture, it’s time to welcome a classy and sophisticated bachelor pad even when you are on a budget.

The flooring
The flooring is one of the most important fixture of your pad. It completes the entire look or design of your home. When it is worn down and dirty, your newly purchased sofa will be put to waste. So before buying any furniture, make sure that your flooring is up to date. If you are planning of a total flooring overhaul, you should consider investing on timber flooring. This type of floors is known for giving class and character to any room. Plus, unlike carpets they are easy to maintain and clean. Mopping the panels or boards at least once a week can give them an instant shiny look.

Colour scheme
Timber flooring has a natural wood finish. If you choose a bold colour palette, it may overwhelm the classic appeal of the wood. As much as possible, you should lean towards crisp and clean hues such as white and cream. This way, the flooring can be elegantly highlighted.

Since the walls and floors are kept simple, the furniture should at least have an eye-popping colour accent. For instance, if you prefer a white tufted soda, put throw pillows in different shades of red. This creates an impression that you are playful and creative. In case you don’t like the colour red, you can always go with blue or black.

Masculine decors
After selecting your pad’s sofa, the next step is to invest on manly decorations like cars and paintings. If you have trophies and other sports awards, you can also display them. However, keep in mind that you should only put them at locations with low foot traffic. This way you don’t appear as an egoistic sports enthusiast. If possible, place them inside your room or home office in an enclosed glass cabinet. For other decorations, consider retro inspired pieces such as turn-tables and vinyl records.

Entertainment area
If you are always the host of sports night, you need to keep your friends comfortable and entertained. Forget the traditional bulky television sets and instead invest in a flat screen. This way, you can have more space ad seating area for you and your friends.

Storage facility
The lack of storage area can result to a messy and unorganized bachelor pad. You will most likely throw your clothes everywhere and leave the dishes scattered all over your home. So, make sure that you have an ample storage facility to place all of your belongings. If you can’t afford a renovation, you can always buy wooden storage cabinets.

Achieving a bachelor pad that you can be proud of is very easy. All you have to do is invest in the right fixtures and decorations to reflect your style and personality. You should also keep in mind that you are not a thirteen year old boy anymore. Choose a modern and classic style that will truly reflect the real man in you.