Making Changes To Your Bathroom

When it comes to decorating the home one room that people often just leave as it is, is the bathroom. This is usually because it is an expensive job to carry out plus it involves hiring in plumbers and decorators, it isn’t really something you can just do yourself. With spring fully in swing and summer not too far away, having a beautiful and bright bathroom is a challenge you should set yourself. Whether this means giving your current bathroom a really big spring clean or ripping it out and getting something new, make it top of your to do list!

First of all if you are quite happy with the overall design that your current bathroom has but it is looking a bit grey now instead of sparkling white, choosing to go down the cleaning route will certainly be a cheaper job to carry out. As the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ so if you like the look but just want to give it a good scrub or enhance a few areas choose this option.

You can head to your local supermarket and venture down the cleaning isle to buy products that are specifically designed to help with cleaning a bathroom, however homemade options are a lot cheaper and usually do a better job! Most people know that white vinegar is a fantastic and natural product to use for cleaning, and is environmentally friendly too. It has amazing properties due to its high acid levels that enable it to kill bacteria and fight against mould, which is just what you need in a bathroom. You should use a cloth covered in white vinegar to wipe the bath tub and then scrub with baking soda for a sparkling result.

If you like the bath tub and shower etc. that is in your bathroom, however think it looks a bit dull or could do with sprucing up then turn your attention to the tiles. These can make a big difference, especially nowadays with the amount of designs and colours you can choose from. You might want to check how to get rid of your old tiles before replacing them yourself, but if you are placing them onto a painted wall it should be a straightforward job to carry out.

Of course if the sound of a big clean and change of tiles just isn’t enough, or perhaps you have moved into a new house and the depressing blue bathroom just doesn’t do it for you, start over. Don’t try to change little sections when you know you want the whole thing doing as it will just take a lot longer to complete and probably end up costing more money. Have a browse on the internet, through magazines and have a nosy when visiting friends and family homes to get some ideas as to what you want your bathroom to end up looking like. Make a plan before you run ahead with the design and ensure you stick to your budget.