rec how to avoid home maintanence fees

How to Avoid Hefty Professional Maintenance Fees?

It’s a dream for most homeowners to decrease their home maintenance budget. Rightly so. Nowadays a 40 minute visit by a certified contractor can ruin your finances for months. What’s more annoying is the fact that you could have prevented a leaky pipe bursting and flooding your basement or soaking your wall-to-wall carpet. All you need to do is put a regular maintenance schedule that will assist you keep issues under strict control.

Whenever a small problem occurs you’ll be able to localize and fix it before it becomes a major disaster that can lead to hefty bill from a disaster recovery or cleaning company. Most home maintenance troubles are fixable without intervention from professional contractors. Below you can find 5 tips that can help prevent a tiny problem become expensive home restoration project.

Outside Your Home
What’s going on outside your home is just as important as what’s happening inside. Keeping your home exterior in check can also reduce your maintenance and repairs expenditures. Cleaning gutters and roof will allow you to spot possible leakages and fix them in time before rain or snow hit and it’s too late. Another good example is taking care for garden plants and trees. Giving your home a curb appeal with tidy flower beds, cut grass and trimmed trees is nice idea. However, if placed close to your home foundation it can result in severe damage to your home. Next you want to avoid tree branches breaking windows and wreaking havoc during storms.

Inspect Your Basement/Garage/Attic
All three places in your home are prospective storage for clutter. People easily get carried away and store unnecessary items for years to come without considering the repercussions. With your basement stacked with tons of clutter you might not be able to examine it properly for moisture which is a big issue with basements. As they are situated below ground level, basements accumulate moisture. Over time, mold and mildew start to grow and quickly spreads around the house. To avoid unpleasant scenarios, keep your basement clean, de-clutter and check regularly for moisture.

Garages and attics are likely to attract boxes or malfunctioning appliances that hopefully can be repaired and used later. It’s obvious that it won’t happen. But still the level of clutter there can grow exponentially which can lead to injuries and even fires. Keeping those places clean is essential to avoid disasters and make sure that your home is safe. Another issue is infestation – termites, mice, etc. like cluttered, stuffed places to settle down and breed. Don’t allow your garage to turn into a mouse hotel.

Water Leaks
That is something you want to keep under strict control. Water damage alongside fire can completely put your home under water. Literally. Flooded basement or leaking roof need to be avoided at all costs. Otherwise, you will pay dear to recover your home form such a disaster. Water damages badly all types of flooring – from wall-to-wall carpets to expensive hardwood flooring. Walls and ceilings can also be severely damaged.

Home Appliances
Faulty home appliances are major threat and cause of fire damage. Putting aside possible damage to your home, it’s a life-threatening situation in the make. Any sign of malfunctioning should be addressed immediately. Contacting professional electrician for assistance is the best course of action.

When someone thinks of cleaning no screw drivers or hammers come to mind, but it’s an essential part of maintaining a home. Besides clearing up basements, garages and attics keeping your living areas clean is important. It will not only improve your standard of living but will also save you lots on professional help. For example, regular vacuum cleaning reduces dirt and dust particles flowing around and improves air quality. What’s more, you will need only hire a professional service in extreme, unusual situations, when you can’t deal with and issue yourself.

All in all, keeping a home well maintained simply makes sense. Persistence and sustained effort pay in the long run. That’s why reconsider your home maintenance strategy and invest more time for it. You’ll feel the easing effect on your budget immediately.