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How Over Bed Storage Can Transform Your Bedroom

The right bedroom furniture can mean the difference between a bedroom that’s a heavenly retreat and one that’s a constant mess. Modern and contemporary bedroom furniture designs often make use of clever storage solutions, space saving ideas and built-in furniture to maximise every inch of possible available space, but at the end of the day, the décor of your room is down to your own personal taste.

Traditional Storage in Modern Bedroom Designs

Over-bed storage is a more of a traditional design than a modern one, but it’s a trend that’s actually coming back and it’s a fantastic way to improve you bedroom with ease. Over bed bridge wardrobes simply work to connect two wardrobes on either side of the main focal point of the room – the bed. The over bed wardrobe – ‘the bridge’ – provides that extra bit of storage in an otherwise wasted space.

Wall-mounted and fitted wardrobes are often excellent ways to improve the storage in your bedroom. As well as fitting in awkward spaces, they do away with wasted materials (such as the back of the wardrobe and any facia or trim on the rear) and connect straight to the wall. This means that the wardrobes can provide extra storage space without actually taking up any extra room.

Practical and Stylish

There are plenty of possible bedroom storage solutions to help you get the most out of available space in your bedroom – fitted wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, under-bed storage boxes, foot lockers, bedside drawers, retractable storage and much more. But the great thing about over-bed storage is it’s out of the way. It doesn’t take up space on the floors or walls that might impede your ability to move around the room or enjoy your bedroom. And done right, it won’t even detract from the overall design of your bedroom.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Over bed storage is not just a great way to add storage space to your own bedroom, it also works well in your child’s bedroom. When they’re young kids are often curious and wanting to get into everything. If they’re this way inclined, there may well be some things that you don’t want them to find or have easy access to when you aren’t looking. Over bed storage is a great way to keep things like this out of sight and out of reach of little hands, while still keeping their bedroom clean and tidy.

As they grow, over bed wardrobes will provide perfectly practical storage space for all their toys, books, clothes or whatever else you need to store. Once they’re old enough, they’ll be able to reach and fill them themselves.

Over bed storage also works well in small children’s rooms because it frees up space in the rest of the room – giving children plenty of space to play, move and interact with their room. In kid’s bedrooms and box rooms, space is often at a premium, so over bed storage is a perfect solution to that problem too.

With plenty of designs and finishes available, you can really transform the storage space and look of your room with ease.

Other Bed-Based Storage Ideas

If you aren’t a fan of over bed storage or need some extra storage space in your room, then there are a range of other storage possibilities that link to the bed.

Some people choose to have their bed as a central focal point of the room. Here, you can use special headboard designs, specially-made wardrobes or even just a bookshelf/chest of drawers as the main headboard for your bed. This will provide storage space which doubles as a practical headboard for your bed.

Alternatively, posh footlockers or storage boxes at the end of the bed might be a good way to tuck away trinkets, accessories or other items and keep your bedroom tidy.

Simple storage boxes or bags will fit nicely under bed and can easily hold out of season clothes which you don’t require regular access to. Who needs shorts or skirts in the winter or thick coats in the summer?

Speaking to the Experts

When it comes to designing your own bedroom or working out how best to position your bedroom and what to put in it to get the best results, you no doubt have some ideas about what you want. But speaking to expert bedroom designers can give you an insight into the possibilities and all the avenues open to you. Expert fitted bedroom designers can help you come up with designs to suit your taste, meet your needs and include all the storage space you require for a superb bedroom you can call your own.