Finding Storage in Small Bathrooms: Look at what’s Already There

When re-designing a small bathroom, it can be a challenge just to fit the larger necessary pieces like a sink and toilet. Add in a shower or small bath and you may be left with very little room to work with. But, every bathroom has to hold at least the essentials for everyday use, so when it comes to storage it may be time to get creative.

The trick is to look at your existing features and see how to use that same area for storage. Sound strange? It is until you consider the advantages of using no additional floor space. Certain places in your bathroom may have valuable open spaces where you can put your bits and bobs.

Around your Toilet

You may already know that the area behind your toilet is perfect for a toilet brush and even the odd spray bottle. But above the toilet is where things really get interesting. Try adding a column of shelves for folded towels, extra soap or rolls of toilet paper. The added bonus of open shelving is that it conserves the flow of the space by allowing you to see to the back wall.

Beneath your Sink

A vanity unit may just be one of the best ways to utilize your existing square footage. Instead of a pedestal or wall hung sink, opt for a sink attached to a slim vanity unit. You can find vanities in the smallest of sizes, and many have handy interior shelving and drawers.

Above your Sink

This is where the old medicine cabinet comes in. Even if you like the look and feel of a flat mirror, consider a mirrored cabinet above the sink to eliminate a clutter of toothbrushes and other grooming items on the edges of the sink.

Mirrored cabinets are now offered with exciting features like LED lighting, infinity effects and even clocks and radios built in.

Under your Bath

Yes, even the area around your bath may have untapped storage potential. Bath panels with interior shelving can hold a surprisingly large amount of things and store them neatly out of sight.

This can give you easy access to soap and bath products while you’re in the bath, and also hold things like cleaning products. It can also allow you (heaven forbid!) quick access to the plumbing for any maintenance issues.

On the Walls

Most people are familiar with humble towel rods, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Walls can often provide much more storage. Try installing a row of towel rods and hanging long, flat rectangular baskets from them.

Or, have a row of sturdy robe hooks for hanging multiple towels or baskets for products.

These alternatives to storage standards like bathroom cupboards will help you conserve more room in a small space. Just look to your existing fixtures!