Enhancing Longevity of Area Rugs with Rug Binding

Area rugs are common in many homes as well as in many offices. They are different from carpets but can make the place look as good and elegant as when a carpet is placed in a room. In many houses, carpets have been turned into area rugs as well. The sides of the carpets have to be binded for the same so that the carpet can be transformed into an area rug when required. Along with this, carpets can also be used as stair runners with the right kinds of bindings. The concept of binding a rug is nothing new. It has been practiced over many years to increase the durability of a carpet. Usually cotton strips were used to get the carpet binded, but now various kinds of synthetic materials are also used for the same.

Things that damage a carpet or area rug

There are many things for which a carpet or an area rug gets damaged and distorted. The amount of traffic that the carpet or the area rug faces is an important concern. Higher the traffic and footfalls, greater are the chances of the carpet developing damage.

Also if the carpets are not cleaned properly, they develop wear and tear in a bad manner and can become worn out and ugly. The carpet also loses its charm and beauty with the fading of the color and the pattern getting distorted.

Sometimes heavy furniture and other materials are also moved on the carpets and area rugs and that leads to fraying of the carpets at the edges. Threads come off and make the thing look really ugly and bad. A new carpet might look very old with fraying.

Binding the carpet or area rug to protect it

Rug binding is the only way to tackle the problem of fraying and stop further damage. In this process, the edge of the carpet is sewn with different kinds of strips of cloths so that the edges are not exposed. It happens that a carpet has become quite old and is no longer suitable to be used as wall to wall carpet. However, the colors are intact in the carpet. In such a situation, the carpet can be turned into an area rug of different shapes and sizes and placed at different places in the room. The edges of the carpet should be sewn. With the right kinds of binding, the area rug can last for a long time. Your investment becomes worthy with proper binding of the rugs and carpets.

Professional services for binding different kinds of rugs

In older times, binding of rugs used to be done at homes only. But now professional services are available for the same. There are many companies that offer these kinds of services to customers and clients to maintain their carpets and area rugs. Mostly flooring stores provide these kinds of facilities to people. With proper binding, your carpets and area rugs get a new life altogether and can keep looking beautiful for ages.