What Solar Power System Should you Buy?

Sometimes, knowing what time of the day you can get the best productivity of solar panels is not enough. You also need to know the best solar power system that will truly deliver your requirement. There are many different kinds of solar panel system available for residential or business properties. There are solar panel install kits that you can readily buy for use too.

Solar powered grid system

Grid and off grid solar powered systems are the type of solar power systems found in most residential houses and small buildings. The system utilizes a photovoltaic panels, which gathers sunlight to generate direct current or DC power to the property.

The grid system connects the solar panels to the electrical grid of the house or building. This allows the owners of the system to avail of the net metering policy where they will be credited for a portion of the electricity they may generate. In Australia, net metering is also known as a ‘feed-in tariff’ where owners are paid monthly for generating electricity at a higher rate than retail. Installation of the grid system is cheap to install and easy to setup. The only problem with the system is during a power outage, since the grid system requires electricity from the power plant to generate power. A good way to still have electricity during a black out is to install a battery to store any excess power.

Solar powered off grid system

An off-grid power system is not connected to the electrical grid and utilizes a battery to store the power it gathers from sunlight. This system is used by property owners who want to be disconnected from their local power service provider or have a place which cannot be reached by any electricity provider. The off-grid solar power system is not affected by power outages, however, the installation and equipment cost is much higher than a grid power system. Another disadvantage is the system’s dependency on the sun where the panels will not be able to collect as much light on a cloudy day nor at night to produce sufficient electricity for the property. A good way to alleviate or prevent this is to install more panels and batteries.

Other solar power system

A growing trend in mobile electronic gadgets is portable power solutions, which can recharge the gadgets in the absence of a conventional power outlet. One of the portable power sources available in the market are portable solar chargers. These are miniature solar panels which are connected to a lithium battery. The portable chargers works like a regular photovoltaic panel capturing and storing energy from the sunlight.

There are different kinds of portable solar chargers available depending on which electronic gadget it is intended to charge. There are even devices with built in solar panels including flashlights, radio devices and portable air-fans. The only disadvantage of a solar charger is its inability to effectively capture and store energy. For example, a typical mobile phone requires more than three hours to fully charge the battery it using a solar charger. Solar chargers however are affordable and are mostly intended for emergency or outdoors use.

Solar power systems have the potential to provide enough electricity for any daily needs and be independent from fuel-based power plants.