Tips on Decorating Your Nursery

Tips on Decorating Your Nursery

The nursery is not just another room in the home. It sets the stage for the first few important years in a baby’s life and is a place for forming those treasured early memories. It is a space where parent and child can grow and learn together in a safe and comfortable environment. As such, a nursery not only needs to be comfortable, but also practical. Its design should accommodate the needs of both parent and child, taking into consideration all the intricate (and sometimes messy) parts of parenthood. With this in mind, decorating your nursery is a task worthy of considerable time and effort. So when it comes to preparing your home for a new arrival, here are some tips on decorating your baby’s nursery.


Think about creating décor that is versatile and can be easily adapted to the changing needs of your growing baby. Choose neutral tones and make any particularly “baby” touches removable. You want to select the décor for your nursery with the future in mind because chances are, you’re not going to have the time or money to redecorate for every new stage of your child’s life.


It’s crucial to be able to control the light in your nursery. If your ceiling lights are too bright, have a dimmer installed. Daytime darkness is equally important; blackout blinds or curtains are great for midday naps and are also a great insulator for the nursery during the colder winter months.


Gentle colour tones create a calm and tranquil feel within the nursery. Try to steer clear of the traditional pinks and blues by experimenting with different colours. Inspiration can come from a quilt cover or treasured artwork but avoid overstimulating your baby with too many busy patterns.


Multi-tasking furniture will make your nursery both practical and comfortable. Design the change table so everything you need is in easy reach and invest in a comfortable chair for feeding, reading or just hanging out. Just remember to stain proof your upholstery for those inevitable spills, drips and leaks.


The floor is one of the most versatile and important features of your nursery. It will bring the elements of the nursery together and provides a space for sharing treasured moments with your baby. Choose an easily cleaned or stain-resistant floor covering. Rugs are a great flooring option and can be used over tiles, wood or carpets. Rugs come in a range of colours and designs and can be rolled up and washed easily.
For more advice on how to select the right floors for your nursery, contact your nearest flooring specialist.

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