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Three Household Uses of Eco-Friendly Concrete Remover

Concrete remover has a history of being extremely toxic; it has always been extremely crucial to use the chemicals with caution as to not contaminate surround areas.  Recently, Ecofriendly Concrete Removers have emerged as an equally effective product while remaining harmless to the environment.

Reasons to use Ecofriendly Concrete Remover vs. Traditional:

  • Increases Safety of Users;
  • 100% Biodegradable;
  • Non Hazardous;
  • Non Corrosive;
  • Does not Create Fumes;
  • Does not Contain Acid;
  • Water Neutralizes it so it is safe to flow down drains;
  • No training is needed before use

Because of its safe properties, the product does not require any special storage, disposal, protective wear or additional certifications to use.  In fact, there are other ways to use Ecofriendly Concrete Removers around the home as it is considered safe to use in this environment.

Get it clean! – Removes More than Concrete

Along with the removal of cement, an ecofriendly concrete remover can remove other grimy residues from surfaces such as lime, dirt and grease.  Over time in any home, buildup of seemingly impossible to remove dirt, lime or grease begin to create a film.  With intense scrubbing and cleaning, many people simply begin to accept that the film is now a part of the surface area; concrete remover can actually remove all of the grime with a simple spray, set and wipe.

Removal and Prevention of Rust

Rust stains, rust destroys and rust in unsafe.  Many products promise to remove rust and its stains but prove incapable of brightening and cleaning the afflicted area.

Ecofriendly concrete removers offer a non-flammable and non-toxic to solution to the removal and prevention of rust.  This type of product is safe to use on most metals and paints—in many cases, the use actually improves paint adhesive.

Other surfaces that can be cleaned by the product include: chrome, aluminum, glass, rubber, plastic and stainless steel.

Remodeling Uses

Many ecofriendly concrete removers prove to be useful during home remodeling projects as they can dissolve other products rather than only cement or concrete.  Because it is safe to use on aluminum, glass, paint, brass, stainless steel and other surfaces, the use of this type of product is perfect for a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Ecofriendly concrete remover can also remove mortar, grout and stucco that may have dried or cured on an inconvenient surface.  During a remodel, it is highly likely that useful products end up on the wrong surfaces leaving the area appearing unfinished and sloppy.  Using this type of remover can clean up a finished remodel in order to leave the entire area looking clean and crisp.

Household use of an ecofriendly concrete remover has proven to be a product that can be used as a complete refresher.  While regular cleaning products can be used for day to day cleaning, this more powerful yet safe product can be used to reset a grimy area or to remove those seemingly impossible residues. Enviro-Systems offers environmentally safe concrete washout solutions and concrete removers that can handle any tough job.