rec The Brilliant Benefits of Built in Wardrobes

The Brilliant Benefits of Built in Wardrobes

When you’re designing or re-designing your bedroom, there are many considerations to take into account – the size of the bed, the color of the paint you’ll use on the walls, the furniture you’ll be putting in it – all of these things and more influence the end design and décor of your room. They affect the functionality and the practicality of your bedroom and make it uniquely yours.

In modern homes, especially starter homes, semi-detached houses and terrace housing, space is often at a premium. Even in the master bedroom you may find that space is limited and it’s hard to find somewhere to put all your things, never mind move around comfortably. If you find yourself in this situation then you might have given some consideration to fitted bedroom furniture and how it could possibly benefit you.

The good news is there are plenty of benefits to fitted wardrobes and fitted furniture that make it thoroughly appealing:

  1. Storage Space – the first and perhaps most appealing advantage of fitted wardrobes is the additional storage space they give you. Fitted wardrobes do away with wasted and unnecessary materials (such as backings, fascia’s and feet) to maximize their internal storage space. Fitted wardrobes are attached directly to walls and are quite often built to stretch from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall to take advantage of every available inch of space. Thanks to this design, they can even be smaller than a traditional wardrobe but actually provide more storage space.
  2. Space to Move – standard wardrobes and other storage units necessarily take up floor space in your bedroom. Where space is at a premium, this is a serious problem. Fitted wardrobes can combat this issue. Being fitted, these wardrobes can be thinner and sit more flush to the wall, thereby reducing the amount of floor space they take up in the room. This is obviously one of the most appealing benefits of built-in wardrobes – the space and freedom the give you in your own room.
  3. Hidden Features – built-in wardrobes are often designed with plenty of storage space. And because they’re built from wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, they naturally have more potential storage space than your average wardrobe. Thanks to the extra space, fitted wardrobes can use creative and clever storage solutions to work with all your needs. Roll out shoe storage, revolving tie racks, make up drawers, pull out shirt rails and many more solutions can make your built-in wardrobe a wonderfully practical storage space for all you and your partners clothes and accessories.
  4. Bespoke Designs – if you’re investing in built-in wardrobes, then you’ll want something that’s built to last and designed according to your taste. Luckily, with most built-in wardrobe designs, there are plenty of flexible and bespoke design options to ensure you get what you want. The range of options for fitted wardrobes is almost endless – sliding wardrobe doors, traditional doors, colorful finishes, traditional colors, mirrored fronts, custom doors created with your own photos and much more. As well as a wealth of interior accessories and clever storage features – there’s plenty of bespoke designs to choose from to make built in wardrobes your own. This isn’t off-the-shelf, build-it-yourself furniture, these fitted wardrobes are made for you according to your needs.
  5. Combating Awkward Spaces – built-in wardrobes are far more flexible than your average wardrobe. They’re made to fit your room, not the other way around. Some homes are plagued by awkward slopes, alcoves, odd shaped ceilings and more, all of which make it hard to get the best possible layout in your room and the best space. Where a standard rectangular wardrobe might have to jut out into a room because of a sloping ceiling, a built-in wardrobe can take account of the slope and be built into it. Where a free-standing wardrobe would sit awkwardly in an alcove surrounded by wasted space, a fitted wardrobe would fill the hole and make the most of the shape, thereby maximizing storage space and creating an appealing design.
  6. Concealing Unpleasant Sights – an indented wall, a sloping ceiling, an air vent, even an old unused fireplace – all might be an unwelcome sight in your bedroom. Something you’d rather get rid of. A built-in wardrobe can conceal these features, keeping these out of sight but without impeding their use.
  7. Sliding Wardrobe Doors – If space is limited, there’s probably not much room for swinging doors. Even opening wardrobe doors can present space problems in a small bedroom. You need to take advantage of every opportunity to maximise your space. Fitted wardrobes can be designed and crafted to take advantage of sliding wardrobe doors. These sorts of doors are great for saving space, but they also add a touch of class and style to your bedroom design. Sliding wardrobe doors can be designed with all sorts of finishes including mirrors, bright colors, gloss, satin, patterned and even with wall papers or your own custom images, so they’re a fantastic way to make the room uniquely yours.
  8. Bringing Modern Design to Your Room – built-in wardrobes and fitted furniture designs are commonly thoroughly modern. If you’re updating your room and replacing dated furniture, then built-in wardrobes are a great way to bring a contemporary feel to your bedroom with minimum effort.
  9. Cost-Effective – having a professional designer create and build your own built-in wardrobe is a cost-effective way of updating and improving your bedroom. It’s cheaper than trying to do it yourself and it’s probably well-balanced compared to buying standard furniture that won’t fit and won’t fulfill your needs properly either.
  10. Walk-in Storage – if you have the space, you can go one step further with the built-in wardrobe design. Walk-in wardrobes are the next step in fitted bedroom furniture design and they can provide you with substantial improvements in your storage space, as well as a level of class and prestige that you won’t find with standard and traditional wardrobes. Clever storage solutions and accessories mean you can shut all your clothes and other items away behind closed doors (in one place) but also have easy access to them when you need to.

In conclusion – built-in bedrooms are an excellent addition to any bedroom and can help transform your room. Speak to a professional bedroom designer to see how your bedroom could be transformed.