Scrapping to Bacteria Free Environment

A friendly Environment

If one is not lucky enough to live in the developed world where one can easily change to a new house or can afford to build a house according to an exclusive requirement, living in a third world country with all the understanding for a modern hygienic living to suit a specific surrounding to suit oneself is prime important. Not long ago, my friend was accustomed to sneezing unexpectedly embarrassing him and the visitors. On an occasional visit, I had noticed his house lumbered with heavy furniture and carpets. I was always suspicious of him prone to some sort of allergy. He had been diagnosed with allergy which brought a soothing effect on consuming anti allergic. Sitting in the open corridor, I advised him to lighten up his house and shed the heavy fixtures and carpets which could be removed. Though he was quite aversive to the idea to give up his heavy furniture and carpets, but an idea of decorating his home anew suited him.

Combing Decor with Detoxification

Soon everything was on its way as I noticed his sneezes giving him additional time to rest. The carpets were removed and heavy wooden furniture too. The walls were scrapped to bear environmental friendly crushed stone powder distemper. The ill effects of toxic paints, no matter how beautiful their finish, would just not suffice. The light creamy touch with white limestone for the ceiling looked fantastic. The heavy wooden furniture gave way to light alloys for seating and bed. The floor was the main attraction, as the carpets were replaced with beautiful beige light smoky ceramic tiles. The whole atmosphere was a new. You can improve your home through cleaning and furnished every thin in proper way then you can achieve target. Home decorating is best part of your work and many people’s specially women are interested decorate own houses with great things.

A Sanctuary In Decor

A more modern flair was given to the walls by placing appropriate wall hangings. A canvas in abstract art lined above the fire place as the main attraction or a focal point in realization to other prints on the walls. The room looked so fresh, airy and inviting all at once. The beautiful aspect to the decor was the retro theme of the colors of other bedrooms of the house as the whole house looked pretty connected. A single rose on the side table with a pewter pitcher on the window with a notice to change in case of pollen allergy. As most of the time, my friend spends most of the time in his study or bedroom, he preferred the new setup of light colors as compared to hot tropical colors. He appeared more relaxed and safe in his bedroom – Decor to a sanctuary of bacteria free atmosphere.