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Refreshing Home: Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Healthy Life

Everybody is going Eco-friendly these days, from the food they buy, to the cars they drive, to the way they clean their carpet and provide many health benefits. Wait… Eco-friendly carpet cleaning! That’s right, improved efficient technology and safer materials have lead to a low-energy solution to carpet cleaning that reduces negative environmental effects. There are Eco-friendly carpets cleaning companies, like Oxi Fresh, that have invested a great deal into being an environmentally responsible business. Save water, save time, but best of all, save the Earth with these green carpet cleaning solutions.

Water Conservation

Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are two common methods that use the power of heat, water, and other chemicals to remove carpet stains. These processes do work for carpet cleaners, but have a number of negative side effects for home use. These methods may use up to 40 gallons of water to clean a home. Ideally, that water would be removed from the carpet; however it is not possible for all of it to be vacuumed up, resulting in mold growth. This problem expands when lesser, consumer products are used. Additionally, many chemicals are used in these processes, including alkaline agents and acidic solutions. While these compounds break down and help remove dirt in carpets, they also risk being left behind, creating an unsafe home environment.


Eco friendly carpet cleaning solutions, like those employed by Oxi Fresh are different. They use significantly less water (only 2 gallons for the average home; 95% less), removing the risk of mold growth. Furthermore, the low moisture system creates less waste water, which is often discarded, than other systems.

Energy Efficiency

Has your annoying neighbor had their carpets cleaned lately? You may have noticed their front doors were left wide open with a not-so-friendly van parked outside emitting an audible “hum, grr, glug” all day. Typical carpet cleaners use this sort of inefficient method, costing homeowners on their energy bill, and costing neighbors their quiet dinner outside. And don’t forget that most carpet cleaners leave a damp carpet behind that needs to be fanned off, and we’re looking at a full day’s worth of energy spent on top of the expense for carpet cleaning.

Homeowners should expect better. Eco friendly carpet cleaning isn’t just better for your carpets, it’s better for your wallet. Portable carpet cleaning means no trucks left running outside, no doors left open and no fans left running to dry off those wet carpets. This means energy won’t be wasted on idling vehicles and the reduced noise will make you and your neighbors happy.

Indoor Air Quality

Isn’t it curious that even when it isn’t allergy season, you feel allergic? Many people feel this way. Fortunately the problem may just be under your feet! Vacuuming and dusting only go so far to removing dander, pollen and other toxins. Before you look to a carpet cleaner to solve your runny nose, consider what products they are putting on your carpet (and most importantly, leaving behind). Many wet-cleaning systems are prone to leave behind molds, mildews and bacteria, not to mention some of the harmful chemicals they use in the cleaning process. Will this make your allergies better? Likely not.

Employing a green carpet cleaning solution, however, will improve your indoor air quality. Using natural chemicals and little water, there is virtually no risk keeping those allergens around. Your runny nose and itchy eyes will thank you.

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