rec Reasons to Specify High Quality Gates for Your Home and Garden

Reasons to Specify High Quality Gates for Your Home and Garden

There are many reasons to specify high quality gates for your home ranging from overall aesthetic value to prolonged durability due to higher quality materials being used in the construction of the gates. The following information will look a little closer at all the associated benefits you can enjoy.

Setting boundaries to your home and garden comes with many benefits. Not only does it add to the aesthetic appeal of your property, but it also adds to the value. There are many different types of walls and gates that you can choose from. Each type serves its own unique purpose and will have its own set of benefits. The key to choosing a high quality gate is found in its material and style.

If your ultimate goal for installing new gating around your property is privacy, then you would be most interested in wood paneling styles. These types typically use thick wood panels that do not have any spaces between them so passersby or intruders cannot see through the gate. Not all wood is equal in quality though. Mahogany, cedar, and pine are some of the most popular woods picked for their endurance and longevity. It is best to purchase gates that are already finished with a protective coating. This can greatly increase the life of it.

No one wants their home to look or feel like a prison. If you are more interested in aesthetic value, you will love mixed material gates and decorative ones. These typically use two different materials. The most popular combination is brick and wood. The wood is usually laid out in thin panels and the brick makes up the sides and base of the gate and fencing. This type is high quality and holds up to environmental factors very well. It is mostly used in cottage, country, and vintage styled gardens and properties.

Another option that is visually enticing is to set-up a brick wall and top it with decorative wood panels or metal panels. Doing this adds more height which equals more protection without looking or feeling very enclosed. This style is usually one in adobe, south western, contemporary, and modern styled properties and gardens. As you can see, it is a very universal style that works well with many types of themes.

Metal fencing and gates are the most durable in the long run, but require refinishing and protective sprays to prevent them from rusting. They are also the most costly. Decorative gates typically follow a Victorian-era style. They work well for large properties. This material adds elegance, class, and minimal style. You can choose between flat topped gating or spiked ones. The spiked ones add extra protection and height. If you decide to go the metal route, you can mix and match gate and fencing materials. For example, you could use wood fencing around your property and traditional metal drive gates.

In conclusions, gates and fencing comes with many options. It is best to choose a material that will stand the test of time. High quality materials do not need to be unattractive though. Consider this information while choosing your gates.