Maximize the Space in Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

After a busy week toiling in the office, there’s no better feeling than knowing you can go home to a comfortable place in which to relax and unwind. To fully appreciate the comforts of your home, there should be optimum space in which to move about and enjoy the sights and views outside. If you feel you haven’t done enough to maximize the space in your home, it may be time to rethink and organize your furniture, appliances and belongings. Here are some simple steps to adding more inches to your usable home space.

Store away clutter

If you’ve watched Hoarders, then you’ll have an idea about what could happen if you don’t manage the accumulation of clutter in your home. In small amounts, it’s much easier to fix and relocate stuff. The problem with too much unused items is they take too much of your energy, and that leads to stalling of the actual process.

Initially, you can start with checking drawers and cabinets. Look at how much you haven’t used for at least a year. This is an indication that you can throw some of these items away. If they are kept in storage, then they take up space which can be meant for items you use more regularly. Inspect your garage as well. If you need to relocate them, make sure you put labels on the boxes or drawers. Storage services also let you keep some stuff in a warehouse for a few months. This is ideal for seasonal items like snow gear and summer grilling equipment.

Organize furniture according to use

It’s quite natural to position furniture in a way where they can accentuate the beauty of a room. However, if it means taking away the usable space you can utilize, then it’s time reconsider the design scheme. When you enter a room, think about which furniture you would use for a specific purpose. If a certain table of plant is placed there only for aesthetic purposes, then it’s better to keep them out of the way.

Fill up corners

You can strategically place these items in the corners of the room, where you are less likely to bump them with your hips or shin. Try not to sacrifice comfort for style. This is also the reason why you usually see tall lamps placed in corners. Small coffee tables are better left in the same areas as well.

Make way for walking paths

As mentioned, you should ensure that any person can walk comfortably toward any room without any obstacles. This is especially important for when people need to go to the kitchen or bathroom. Guests will likely use the toilet, and it can be annoying when you have to avoid tables before you get there. The key here is to make your house more liveable without compromising the overall look.

Innovative concepts in furniture

Fortunately, manufacturers understand the clamor for space-saving options. That’s why they’ve been churning out ideas to combine a simple furniture concept with a storage feature. A wooden bed will have space underneath for underwear and pajamas. The center table in the living room can have cups and saucers stacked inside.

Whichever method you use for saving space can lead to significant changes in making your home more attractive and comfortable. You should also remember that it comes hand in hand with your mindset about the ideal home. The first step is indeed learning more and compiling information about housing architecture and design.