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How to Make Your Home Electricity Bill Friendly

In the current financial climate, any way you can reduce your household bills is to be welcomed. It would be a useful exercise if you were to look at each of your bills on an individual basis and give some thought as to whether you could find a way to make them lower.

Let us take one of these regular household bills – your electricity bill – and see if there are any ways to save money.

One of the obvious ways is to consider switching electricity suppliers if you can get a better deal elsewhere. You could visit some price comparison websites to compare. Another way is to look at the packages of each electricity provider as some offer discounts for prompt payment.

The next thing to do is to take a look around your home and consider if there are any features of your property that can be changed or improved. See if there is anything you can do differently with some of your electrical appliances to reduce your electricity bills.

For instance, take electrical appliances such as your TV, DVD player, computers, games consoles and set top boxes. Do you realise if you leave any of those on standby you are wasting electricity and therefore increasing your electricity bill unnecessarily? Make sure they are completely turned off when not being used. For example, your microwave oven – the digital clock uses electricity so turn it off at the mains.

If the time has come to replace your fridge or freezer, then choose one that has a 5 star rating. This could reduce your electricity consumption for that appliance by up to 50 per cent compared to your old fridge. The other thing to consider is to choose a fridge or freezer that is the correct size to meet your needs. The larger the appliance, the more electricity it uses.

The same thing applies when changing your washing machine or dishwasher. Try to choose one with a 6 star energy rating as it will use less electricity. You should also find a front-loading washing machine as that would use less electricity than a top loading one.

The cost of air conditioning is considerably greater than using ceiling fans. Increase the temperature on your air conditioning unit by only one degree and you could reduce the cost of running it by as much as 10 per cent. If you close your curtains and blinds when it is hot outside, you will reduce the amount of heat getting into the house resulting in the air conditioning unit not being required as often. You can also draft proof your doors and windows to help keep out the heat.

Make sure you have adequate insulation throughout your home including your ceiling, floors and walls that should make your home that little bit cooler.

By following the above suggestions you are likely to save hundreds of dollars each year on your electricity bill.