Jazz Up Your Windows with Motorised Awnings

Jazz Up Your Windows with Motorised Awnings

If you have a UPVC conservatory you have already enhanced your home. A conservatory is a wonderful space connecting indoors with outdoors, but there are ways to improve the look. The great expanse of glass is wonderful for letting in natural light and views of the garden, but sometimes all that is just too much. You might long for shade, be able to read on very sunny days or you might want to protect expensive furniture from fading when not in use.

There are treatments for conservatory windows and one is through the use of motorised awnings. They are not just restricted to conservatories and can be used on other windows in your home, giving a fully co-ordinated look.

They don’t require any particular technical expertise to install, so the job should only take a short amount of time, even for a novice.

Why Opt for Motorised Awnings?

  • No effort
  • Protect furniture and carpets
  • Protect skin
  • No bugs

No Effort

The fact that these awnings are motorised means people can control them with just a click of a button. Clearly, this is all about reducing the amount of effort and hassle spent on the awnings. Many people are attracted to the concept of awnings purely due to the fact that it’s that easy to use them.

Protect Furniture and Carpets

One of the biggest causes of fading in carpets and furniture is the sun. These harmful UV rays literally suck the colour out of furniture and carpets. This is not usually a problem if the item in question is fairly dull-coloured already, such as in the case of a beige carpet. However, if rich colours are present in the home then they are at serious risk if they are exposed to the sun without any protection.

Protect Skin

This is the most important thing of all as the harmful rays from the sun can and do cause skin cancer. It’s not much of an issue in most rooms, but if a UPVC conservatory is utilised during the hot summer months then the rays can literally have the same impact that they would if the people within the conservatory were actually outside. Motorised awnings can completely solve the problem as they provide a barrier between the sun and the skin.

No Bugs

Due to the fact that motorised awnings do provide a physical barrier, it means that things like bugs are blocked off. This is especially important in a UPVC conservatory as that’s where people are going to be most tempted to open the windows to alleviate the heat. If anybody is allergic to wasp or bee stings then motorised awnings transform themselves from a luxury into a necessity.