Is It Worthy to Live in The Countryside?

Is It Worthy to Live in The Countryside?

There is something appealing about country living. Whether it is the simplicity or life in the countryside or the sweet smell of flowers in bloom, it is surely working. Many a city dweller is looking for a country home for sale regularly. Despite the modern conveniences that abound in the city, many vacationists, normal residents and retirees prefer spending their time in the country. However, what is it really about living in the country that gives it an edge over other locations? Why should many people consider the simple life to the affluence in the city? Let us look at some of these reasons.

Health Implications

People prefer to look for a country house because of the environmental features that come with the location. Literally, in the countryside there is a breath of fresh air. In fact, the air in the countryside is cleaner than the air in the city.

The environment in the city is filled with noise, air pollution, congested streets and more. In the countryside, you are closer to nature and you always have wonderful scenery around you. Remember that at times you have had to pay through your nose just to enjoy such scenery!

Many products stocked in countryside shops are sourced directly from the garden. Farmers supply the produce to the shops directly therefore you get to enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce. You also have a chance to grow your own supplies if you feel like because you have a garden for that purpose. You have total access to products that have been organically produced, processed and packaged without use of preservatives. These offer more health benefits as compared to conventional foodstuffs sold in the city.

A study shows that people who live in the countryside have a slightly better mental health as compared to city dwellers. The improved physical health you get by living in the countryside will contribute to your mental health.

Lesser Crimes

The crime rate in the city is most definitely high as compared to the countryside. When you get a country home, you are assured that your property will be safe. There are fewer break-ins, carjacking incidents, armed robberies and trespassing. Simply put, country life is peaceful.

Low Cost Of Living

Items in the countryside are sold at a fraction of the price in the city. Farm produce are among the supplies sold cheaply because the suppliers most of the time are your neighbors and friends. You can also reduce on the costs by growing your own crops. You can even make some extra money from your garden!

Good Relationships

Many people in the countryside are known to be trustworthy, friendly and caring. It is more likely for a person to establish long lasting friendships with neighbors because of the friendly attitude. Your children are less likely to adapt unpleasant influences in the countryside.

When you get a country house, it does not mean that you will give up the quality of life you lead. You can easily enjoy the electronic gadgets and entertainment in similar to that of the city. What does this mean? Whether you are a simple, nature loving, peaceful kind of person or a modern, stylish, trendy kind of person, you can still enjoy what the countryside has to offer.