rec How Curtains and Decor Can Magically Transform Home

How Curtains and Decor Can Magically Transform Home

In the interior we live in we should not feel anonymous, because then we could be anywhere. At home we should have a special atmosphere that suggests intimacy, regardless of whether we are willing to invest more, or just want to refresh the space with some detail. We should be careful to ensure value for money, for several reasons, we should be comfortable and relaxed, never bored, we should pay attention to the details, which will make the experience of living far from the ordinary.

Its decor should revive the home, and it has to be modern, but not weird; polished, but not Spartan, trendy, yet versatile, not hard and arduous, unique interior and welcoming.

Decorative fabric is a very dominant factor in interior design, it is necessary to take the correlation into consideration, because decorations, upholstery on the seating, floor mats and tablecloths can completely change the room.

You should take care of a few things in order to avoid additional costs. There is no need to rush and want everything to be defined immediately, you should think about the relationship between ideas and functionality and perhaps about the possible changes in the future, because today a lot is based on constant change.

Good taste is a relative term, subjectively determined. That’s why furnishing our own space should not be a burden, it should be a reflection of our character and our personality.

Decorations still draw encouragement from the styles of the years gone by. In the 13th century, the appearance of the canopy, the bed becomes a place of ritual. Bed curtains and canopy had a practical purpose, as they protect us from insects, cold and wind in poorly heated rooms, decorated with embroidery and rugs that were symbols of rank and power of the owner.

In 17th century Paris split curtains that simultaneously represented symmetrical window decorations came in vogue. Only in the 18th century the bed curtains were made from heavy silk velvet or brocade decorated with garlands, tassels, ribbons and bouquets, while the second most important element in outfitting the space was the curtain wall. The idea was to decorate the space as a whole, using the same material for both curtains and upholstery. The new style arrived from France, and the decorations were determined by upholstery, carpets, and later tapestry, which is why it was possible without huge steps being taken to completely change the decoration of a room. It was the time of drapery, ribbons, garlands, silk rosettes and whims and trendiness in rococo style.

Today there are many wonderful fabrics, different structures, colors, designs, different characters and composition of raw materials, many types of decor – provided that you know where and how to use them you can be sure that the area in which you live and work will give you pure pleasure.

Curtains and blinds, especially timber blinds protect you from unwanted looks from the curious surroundings, bring warmth into your home and they can bring an extra quality to your room. You can always combine them with your furniture. Only then you can get the right kind of design combination that we all aspire to.