rec Home Cleaning – Where To Begin

Home Cleaning – Where To Begin?

Spring is upon us, and that means it is time to prepare for spring-cleaning supplies for your home. Here are steps you can take for starting the entire process.

Review and fix your schedule

To begin with, you need to decide just how much you are going to clean your home this year. Go through your schedule and see how much time you can spare for home cleaning, and that will give you a good idea on how much you can clean. Once you decide on how much you can clean, you need to then stock-up the necessary home cleaning products to clean your home.

It is best to get the cleaning done in one session, no matter how many days it takes, rather than split it through several weeks. You do not need to go all out on home cleaning either; let your schedule decide how much you will clean. On the other hand, if you are too busy with your work, splitting up the work into tiny sessions will be a lot better. In this case, however, it will be best to make a long-term plan since you will not be able to get much done within a few days or even weeks.

Start delegating tasks

Of course, it is not just you who will be cleaning the house. Your family members should also play a part, no matter how small it may be. Start delegating tasks to each person, and make sure that nobody gets overwhelmed. A rotational schedule may be nice, but it is not necessary unless you plan on a major spring cleaning program this year.

Get the essentials

Before you start cleaning, you will need some essential tools to get the job done. Discussed below are some of them:

  • Clean duster

Most people use dusting clothes or feather dusters.  However, if don’t take care of these dusters properly, they may be dirtier than the actual surfaces that you are trying to clean. To ensure that your duster is clean, vacuum it after using it every time. Dusters can pick up dust even when they are moved around the house, so make sure that they are clean always.

  • Eraser sponges

Eraser sponges or sponge erasers are quite effective in getting rid of grime and tough-to-remove dirt. These specialty sponges are made from melamine foam, which are strong enough to take out tough stains but soft enough to avoid damaging the surface itself. They are pretty much an essential tool for homes with kids, since it can get crayon marks off tiles and walls easily with some water.

  • Microfiber clothes

Microfiber clothes are the opposite of tough eraser sponges. Their tight weave hold dust firmly, and their soft texture make them very effective in cleaning electronics. You can use them to dust large and small electronic equipment, and they are mostly disposable. However, washable microfiber clothes are a more Eco-friendly choice.

Make a checklist

Have you ever been in a situation where you clean up an entire room only to find out that some items are missing or you forgot to clean some areas? It happens to most people while home cleaning and a checklist can prevent this from happening. Keep a checklist of what you want to clean and read it from time to time so that you do not forget anything even if you get distracted in between.