Habitable Home: 5 Steps You Should Take Before You Move In

It takes time to move into a new home, and it also takes time to get the house to the point where it feels warm, homelike and comfortable. Getting the house to a habitable state should start in the weeks or days before actually moving into the building. When you are getting ready to settle into a new space take five steps to make a house more habitable before moving in.

Clean Every Room
An empty home provides an opportunity to clean in ways that will not be possible once it is full of furniture. Every room should be cleaned. This includes steaming carpets, wiping down walls and cleaning the back of cabinets. Deep cleaning should remove any dust and allergens from the house. Use safe and non-toxic cleaning supplies and if it is warm open the windows to disperse the smell of cleaners before moving in boxes and furniture.

Stock Important Supplies
One step to make a home habitable even before moving in, is to stock the house with essential supplies. This means putting toilet paper in bathrooms, disposable cups and plates in the cabinets, and paper towels in the kitchen. Basic supplies will make it much easier to unpack, and more comfortable to stay in the new home even before everything is put away. Make sure you have enough for a long time or at lease a lot of people so you can help those who are helping you move in as well.

Get Utilities Installed
New homeowners should have all utilities installed before moving into a house, like electricity, cable, and Internet service. The reason to do this early, is that the installation might require changes to different rooms, like installing a new jack, or drilling a hole leading outside. This is easier to do when the entire house is empty.

Install a Home Automation System
Home automation systems are becoming very popular and increase the habitability of any house. A  home automation company will be able to install a complete network of controls, receivers and sensors very quickly while the house is still empty. Additionally, security systems can be more effective when installed without obstacles like decorations, and furniture. Installing these systems before moving in will allow for better positioning of cameras and other sensors.

Painting and Repairs
New homeowners should walk through the house and make any obvious repairs before moving in. It is easier to patch holes, or replace old fixtures during this period. This is also a good time to do any painting to make the rooms more attractive and habitable without having to protect furniture and other items.

Creating a habitable home means changing the things that seem out-of-place, and adding some of the features that the family actually wants. Using the time before moving in provides a unique opportunity to access parts of the home that will become hidden or obstructed later. Taking a few simple steps early on, will make any new home feel more habitable from the start.

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