Grid Tie Feedback Prevention Tips

Grid Tie Feedback Prevention Tips

Setting up a solar panel system is no doubt one of the best ways to save energy. In fact, many households managed to bring their electricity consumption from the grid down to almost zero. Aside from financial advantages, installing these panels is also a practice of going green – a lifestyle which helps in the preservation of the environment. However, a power consumption issue may come up, especially, if we produce higher amount of electricity more than what we consume. It may sound simple; however, it is definitely an issue if there is no existing battery system in the solar panel system. Excessive electricity production may create feedback to the grid. Basically, the feedback can cause two effects: a reverse of your meter or an increase to your meter reading. Let me give you some tips about grid feedback.

2 Possible Scenarios

Power feedback to the main grid can often times cost you more than what you expect. Let us take a 20-kw production and 15-kw consumption for instance. During the day, the solar panels managed to produce a total of 20 kilowatts. On the contrary, you only consume 7.5 kilowatts during the day and another 7.5 kilowatts in the evening. Are you curious about the remaining 5 kilowatts?

Without a battery system installed, the remaining 5 kilowatts will return to the main grid. Obviously, returning to the grid will oblige the system to send the kilowatts through the household meter. It is either the meter goes backward or the meter goes forward. One-directional meters will go up each time a current pass through it while older meters (quite rare nowadays) goes backwards whenever a returned current pass through it. In other words, you either increase your electrical expenses or not just simply because of that excessive power production.

Solution Tips

In order to address this issue, you have a lot of options to choose from. The first is extremely simple. All you have to do is to take note of your power production and try to consume it without any excess. By doing so, grid feedback is not possible.

The second option is to install another device between the solar panel system and the GTI inverter. Although there are no simple devices that can give the same results, there are electronics in the market today for these purposes. However, only a few practice this option because most people prefer to use an expensive solar panel and battery systems instead of working on complicated blueprints.

Another solution is to take advantage of net metering. This will limit your power production depending upon the configuration you opted to apply. The problem here is that there are jurisdictions that do not allow net metering. There are coops and electrical companies that do not allow net metering as well. You have to review the net metering law for different jurisdictions before deciding to install a net meter for your solar panel system. With all these in mind, you can prevent any grid feedback while bringing down your grid consumption to zero.

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