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Eco Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Taking steps to make your bathroom eco friendly is beneficial for both your wallet and the surrounding environment. One way to adapting a green way of life is by wasting little to no energy and water while using the bathroom. Below are some ecofriendly ideas you can use in renovating the fixtures and features of your bathroom.

Light and heat from the sun

Current advances in technology today allow us to enjoy the energy from the sun and convert it for use in our basic needs. Solar water heaters are growing in popularity, especially in cold areas where hot water is essential. This type of water heating system utilizes a solar panel which takes the heat from the sun and passes it onto a pipe where tap water flows. The heated water is stored in a tank which flows to the bathroom when the hot shower is used.

Day lighting or tubular skylight systems are able to provide lighting in bathrooms that receive little to no natural illumination. This is a good alternative rather than using conventional light bulbs when anyone uses the room. When the sun is out, it certainly helps in driving down energy consumption.

Using homemade cleaners

Most commercial cleaners are made of ingredients which can be harmful to the environment and are very expensive when used daily. You can actually use common ingredients found in your kitchen such as vinegar and baking soda to create your own natural cleaner. You can mix vinegar, rock salt and baking soda to clean every part of your bathroom as well as the drains. Natural cleaners are also less expensive than those you might find in any grocery.

Water efficient fixtures

Water efficient fixtures can be a good bathroom renovation too! There are many instances of water being wasted in the bathroom such as excessive use when taking baths. Most household toilets account for a majority of water consumption at home and this can cause leaks to happen. There are water efficient toilets which utilizes two types of flush where a large amount of water is used on solid wastes while a small amount is used on liquid ones.

Faucets on the other hand are common fixtures which use a large portion of water in the household. Water efficient faucets reduce the amount water flowing out of the fixture. This helps lowers the occurrence of any waste without sacrificing the needs of household members.

Going green may require a small investment to convert your bathroom into an ecofriendly one. This investment will pay off for both your budget and the environment in the long run.