rec Different Outdoor Features for your New Home

Different Outdoor Features for your New Home

There are numerous outdoor features you can incorporate into your new home building project to compliment the design of your home’s exterior and provide you with some wonderful outdoor spaces to relax in. This list is by no means exhaustive but the features detailed are without doubt some of the most popular choices.

Obviously, the types of outdoor features you choose will depend on such things as who you will be living with and what your budget is.
Below are some popular outdoor features:

  • Swimming pool – Whatever age you are, as long as you are in reasonable health, you can enjoy the benefits of an outdoor swimming pool – especially in the warmer summer months. Spending time swimming in the pool is both relaxing and good for your health and can be enjoyed by you, your family and friends. To cater for people of all sizes whether they are young children or adults it would be a good idea to have a pool with a shallow end to allow toddlers, under supervision, to paddle in to a deep end to allow swimmers to do just that – swim.
  • Garden – A garden can be designed to cater for those people who are infirm and require a low maintenance garden to those who are very fit and healthy and are more than capable of cutting the lawn on a weekly basis. If you have children and your plot of land is large enough you may like to incorporate into its design a tennis court or perhaps a large expanse of lawn to play other games on such as football and knocking a cricket ball about. For those less mobile, the preference may be for a garden that requires minimal maintenance by incorporating such things as pebbles in the flower borders to keep weeds at bay. Water features such as a pond with carp and gold fish, a water fountain and a waterfall causing the water to cascade all add to the ambiance and peace and tranquility.
  • Patio – A wooden decked patio area that you can walk straight onto when you step outside your home is very appealing, especially if you have incorporated a canopy or veranda over the area that will still allow you to sit out on a warm evening should it be raining.
  • Barbecue area – This is usually a per-requisite as so many Australians enjoy a barbeque, so why not create a permanent barbecue area rather than just having a mobile barbecue that you bring out onto your patio area. You can incorporate a covered area so that you can still dine outside in inclement weather with a permanent seating and table arrangement together with focused lighting.

Hopefully the above has provided you with “food for thought” when selecting the design features for the outside of your newly built home.