Dejunking: Seven tips for Making Your Home Clutter Free

Clutter can quickly consume too much space inside your home. It can make your home look unattractive. Cluttered spaces are not functional spaces. Here are seven simple steps you can follow to reclaim the space in your home.

Have a Clearing

Room by room, closet by closet, cabinet by cabinet, begin the dejunking process. Divide your possessions into “things to keep”, “things to toss out” and “things to donate.” Don’t procrastinate about throwing things out and carrying items to a local charity. As long as those things are in your house, they are cluttering your home. A good way to help you dejunk is to have a rule for each item. If it’s broken or shabby-looking, throw it out. If you haven’t used or worn it in a year, then get rid of it. Once you have gotten rid of things that fit in those two categories, you should have plenty of room for the thing you actually need and use.

Assess Your Storage Space

Compare the things you intend to keep with the amount of storage space you have. Investing in cabinet, drawer and closet organizers will help you stay organized. You can store more things in an organized space. Decorative boxes, bins and baskets can help you maintain an uncluttered home. Stores like the Container Store take the measurements from your closets and other storage spaces and can create customized storage options for your space, helping to create a more-efficiently used space.

Storage Units

Take advantage of the option to rent a storage unit for items you don’t have sufficient storage space for in your home. “Seasonal clothing, decorations and sports equipment are examples of things that a person might want to store in a unit,” said Julie Smith of Extra Space Storage in Gaithersburg. Purchase some bins, label them, put your items in and bring them to the storage unit until you do need them.

Minimize Your Interior Décor

Having too many decorative items sitting around can blur the line between attractive decor and clutter. Having too much furniture in a room makes it look small and crowded. You can pack up some of your decorative items and store them along with excess furniture pieces in a storage unit. When you want to change your decor, just switch out some items from the unit.

One in, One out

An ideal way to control clutter is to follow the rule of one thing in, one thing out. Once you clear out clothing, toys, books and numerous other things, if you resume accumulating them, you’ll soon be living in a cluttered house again.

Keep Potential Clutter Out

Keep a trash bin near the place you sort through mail. Toss all junk mail in there immediately. Have your name removed from mailing lists to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. Refrain from buying things you don’t need.


Leave no item homeless if you want to maintain a clutter-free home. Designate a place for everything and be consistent with keeping everything in its proper place.
Clearing the clutter from your home can be an exhilarating experience. The result is a more attractive and function living space.