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Co-op mortgages

Buying a co-op property can be a dream come true, and you may be eagerly looking forward to being a homeowner in the local area. Before you can take ownership of your co-op, however, you will need to apply for a co-op mortgage. Co-op mortgages are different from other types of loans, and you may have a number of questions or concerns about your loan request. We strive to provide you with the answers you seek as well as the affordable financing that you are looking for. Through our preferred financing company, MortgageDepot, you can expect:

  • Friendly customer service – Superior Service with Superior Support
  • Competitive Interest Rates for Co-ops
  • Low Closing Costs for Co-ops
  • A full range of loan options, including investment co-ops.

When you contact them for assistance with your co-op mortgages, you will be treated to personalized service from start to finish. They go the extra mile to help their valued customers set up a loan that is right for them, and they want you to love your financing solution for your new co-op. Their skilled team of licensed professionals will provide you with the honest answers you seek, and they also:

  • Take time to explain the loan options
  • Answer your questions throughout the loan process
  • Guide you through the closing process

From start to finish, you need a knowledgeable and helpful team of professionals working for you as you apply for a co-op loan. With this in mind, you do not want just any team working for you. They are the team that will cover all of the bases so that you can most easily take ownership of your co-op as soon as possible.