Avoid Typical Moving Day Nightmares

Avoid Typical Moving Day Nightmares

Moving day does not have to be a nightmare full of stress, anxiety and confusion.  If you are able to take the time to plan and organize, then the entire experience can go off without batting an eyelash.  It is completely up to you to decide how you will prepare and execute the move, and there is little advice that will help you to avoid the massive amount of work that is involved in the process.  The best thing that you can do is grin and bear it, bite the bullet and get your hands dirty.  The more you put into planning and preparation will help to make things go smooth when it is time to move, and you will need all of the help that you can get.

The first thing you should do is avoid procrastinating.  You know you are going to move soon, so start to get ready now, even if this means doing mundane, boring and time consuming tasks when you could otherwise be hanging out with friends, watching movies or playing on the Internet.  Start to take inventory of things that you want to keep and things that you want to leave behind.  Put things in groups and start to pack them and label the boxes.  Pack things that you hardly use first and get them out of the way.

Sort through old clothes and other odds and ends that you really don’t need to take with you and consider having some kind of garage, yard or rummage sale.  If that’s not your cup of tea, then consider donating these items to a group that will haul them away for you. This will help you to reduce the amount of things that you have to pack and transport, and it can also mean hundreds of dollars in savings because you can rent a smaller truck or lighten the workload the movers will charge you for.

Packing and sorting is the most time consuming and difficult part of the process, and if you get started as quickly as possible, then you will avoid many last minute frustrations and problems.  Another part of moving that you should dedicate a fair amount of time to is finding the best deal on a moving company.  If you plan on doing the move yourself, then you want to be able to shop around and compare prices and availability on the right truck or van to do the job. The more lead time you have will give you more options and better prices as a rule, and this can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings as opposed to paying last minute rates.

The more that you can spread out the tasks of moving and take little bites out of the huge pile of things that you have to do will make it a far better experience overall.  Nobody really likes the prospect of moving, but taking it on without procrastinating and working away at getting things situated over the course of time will keep your frustration and frazzled nerves to a bare minimum.