5 Must Have Power Tools For Your Home

Owning a home means that sooner or later you will have some repairs to do. It could be a damaged window caused by last week’s storm, a chair with a broken leg, or any other home improvement repairs. These repairs are easily done if you have the right tools within your reach. This is why it would be wise to own the basic power tools in case the need for them arises. To fill up that toolbox, here are five of the most used tools for repairs and do-it-yourself projects.

1) Cordless Drills

A drill can be considered a multi-tool because it can do different functions depending on the attachment and bits that you use with it. Primarily, its purpose is to drill holes, but you can also use it as a power sander if you attach a sander to it or as a screwdriver if the drill you buy is equipped with a reverse gear with variable speeds.

New models of drills are cordless. These are battery operated so you can work even when you are far from an electrical outlet. It also removes the inconvenience of dragging a lengthy cord around, which could get tangled on the items you are working on.

2) Power Sander

Sanders have a lot of uses too. It will give floors, doors, tabletops, and other woodwork a nice smooth finish. It can also help shape wood, like if the door you made will not fit on the frame, so you have to shape the edges for that perfect fit. You may also use a sander to smooth paint and varnish finishes in between coats. There are different types of sanders, namely the belt sander, orbital sander, and delta sander. Each has different sanding actions and speeds, so choose one that is fit for the job you are doing. If you want something that will be multi-purpose, then buy a multi-sander. It can polish both flat and contoured surfaces, and it has various base attachments for the different operations.

3) Nail Gun

Hammering nails is a part of most repairs. To save yourself from the pain of moving your arm back and forth or hitting your finger in the process, you might want to buy a nail gun instead. Newer models are smaller but still pack a lot of power to be able to drive large nails on hard surfaces. They have also become cordless, so you will no longer be annoyed by the noise made by air compressor powered nail guns.

4) Saws

Here is another must-have power tool at home. There are three types of saws, the jigsaw, circular saw, and the reciprocating saw. The jigsaw can do the basic cutting jobs, but if you plan to cut curves or angles on a material, the reciprocating saw can do that job better. Reciprocating saws are also ideal for cutting a wide range of materials since you can attach different blades on it.

5) Hot Air Guns

If you have grown tired of your wall paint and decided to replace it with a lighter shade, you need to remove the old paint first so that it will not affect the colour of the new coating. A hot air gun will make the job easy for you. It will clean your walls and it can also be used to thaw frozen pipes.